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One night in Fayetteville, WV (visit #3) – Big Trip #4

sunset over the New River Gorge from the bridge
Sunset view from the New River Gorge Bridge

We were in Fayetteville in August 2022, as part of Big Trip #4. Read about our most recent visit in 2023, our previous visit in 2021 and our first visit in 2019, not to be confused with our 2018 stop in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Fayetteville was a last minute addition to our Big Trip #4 itinerary. It’s mostly on the way from central VA to northern OH, and we like it there. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to hike in the national park, or even see the awesome profile of the New River Gorge bridge (I love that bridge), but we were able to get drinks at our favorite Fayetteville bar and dinner at our favorite Fayetteville restaurant!


Bugsy hanging out on the picnic table at our campsite in Fayetteville

For the third time we stayed at Rifrafters Campground and for the third time it was great, if a little buggy–but what woodsy place isn’t buggy this time of year. It’s a five-minute drive into downtown Fayetteville, and about eight minutes to the New River Gorge National Park Visitor Center.

We did like the look of the campground at Cantrell Ultimate Rafting, just down the hill from Arrowhead Bike Farm. I’m putting it on our to-do list to find out more about RV camping there.

Bugsy in the grass by our trailer in Fayetteville

When leaving Rifrafters for the north, we asked for advice from the owners because the roads cutting over to the interstate looked a little squirrely on the map. They assured us that Rt 619 was ok for a trailer. FYI. Also, a reminder to ask at a campground if you’re unsure of the local roads.

Food and drink

Bugsy in the yard at Arrowhead Bike Farm in Fayetteville
Bugsy at The Handle Bar

Our first stop once we set up the Airstream was The Handle Bar at Arrowhead Bike Farm. They have a chill dog-friendly deck and yard for drinking local beers, and we realized this visit that they have fish tacos. Putting those on the to-do list. If you’re a mountain biker, you absolutely must check out Arrowhead Bike Farm.

watching the sunset on the deck at the Burrito Bar at Breeze Hill
The patio at The Burrito Bar

The reason we couldn’t get fish tacos at The Handle Bar is because we had our hearts set on burritos from The Burrito Bar at Breeze Hill. They’re delicious, especially with a pretty sunset, and the place is super dog-friendly.


Long Point from the New River Gorge Bridge
That’s Long Point, seen from the New River Gorge Bridge

We had big plans to get up early and hike Long Point Trail before hitting the road for Ohio. Time was tight, but we had it all figured out: 1. get breakfast biscuits at Biscuit World (not as good as Biscuitville, sorry); 2. run the -out- part of the trail, 1.6 miles to the vista; 3. eat a delicious biscuit at the point with the wonderful view of the bridge; 4. hike the -back- part of the trail with bellies full of breakfast biscuit. Great plan, right? Well, we decided that since we had been to New River Gorge National Park, and it’s close to home, and we hadn’t yet been to Cuyahoga Valley National Park, we should prioritize the latter. We skipped the hike and hit the road as soon as campground quiet hours were over.

Note that I’m still including New River Gorge National Park in our list of national parks visited on this trip, because we drove over the New River Gorge Bridge. I love that bridge.

To do

  • Get more info on RV camping at Cantrell Ultimate Rafting
  • Try the fish tacos at The Handle Bar
  • Try a snack from Riverchick Farm Food Truck–this was the only new thing we noticed in town since our last visit. They seem to serve crepes, ice cream, and a rotating cast of snacky things using fresh, local produce.


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