bugsy running on lone rock beach with the airstream and f-150 in the background

Two nights in Fayetteville, WV (visit #2)–RV Caravan with Friends trip

We visited Fayetteville in May 2021 during our RV Caravan with Friends trip. This was our second visit; read about our first trip to Fayetteville (WV, not AR, that was a different trip) here, our third trip in 2022 here, and our fourth trip in 2023 here.

Bugsy at Long Point
Bugsy and the New River Gorge Bridge

The final group stop on our caravan trip with friends (we had one more solo destination afterward) was Fayetteville, West Virginia, a tiny town boasting a newly-minted National Park and outdoor adventure opportunities galore. It’s about a three-and-a-half hour drive from Boone, our previous location.

dinner at the Airstream at Rifrafters
dinner at our campsite

The AirstreamDog crew had visited before, and we were excited to show off some of our favorites to our buddies, so you’ll see a bunch of repeats below. As mentioned in the trip planning post, our trip rules were: 1. Eat dinner out one night, cook at the campsite one night; and 2. The AirstreamDoggers plan a hike for one day, and the newbies plan a cycling route for the other day.


the Airstream at Rifrafters Campground
the black blob on the back of the Airstream is our bikes!

We stayed at Rifrafters when last in Fayetteville in 2019 and loved it, so we chose it again. It’s a quick drive into downtown and to the New River Gorge Bridge and the visitor center. Our campsites were full hookup, but next time we might choose the lovely, new-to-us power and water-only sites in the back of the park for more seclusion.

Hiking and biking (and disc golfing)

breakfast picnic at Long Point
picnicking at Long Point

If you can only do one hike in Fayetteville, you should hike to Long Point. We’d done it before, but our friends hadn’t, so we chose it for our activity on Hiking Day. It’s an easy three mile hike to an awesome view of the bridge. But (you know what I’m going to say) GO EARLY. Because it’s the best, and because it’s short, it can get super crowded.

New River Gorge Bridge from the visitor center
the view of the bridge from an observation deck at the visitor center

Be sure to stop at the visitor center on your way to look at the informational displays and walk down to a close-up view of the bridge. See our NRGNP post for more about activities in the national park.

bikes loaded on the Airstream
disc golf at Fayette County Park

Our bike ride was grueling and not super picturesque and the roads weren’t all well-maintained, so I won’t link to it here. But at the three-quarters mark, we stopped at a county park for some disc golf! It was fun for the novelty of it, but the course was really tough. Lots of trees and steep hills. Good luck! Fayette County Park is huge and wonderful and potentially worth a visit if you need to entertain small people.


Our dinner out was a repeat of our favorite meal last time we were in Fayetteville: burritos at Burrito Bar at Breeze Hill. Delicious food in a fun outdoor setting. I noted this quote; not sure who said it but I can see it coming from any of us: “If I didn’t remember what overeating felt like I would eat another.”

Biscuit World biscuit at Long Point
biscuit with a view

When in Fayetteville, if you are a biscuit aficionado like us, you must get a biscuit from Biscuit World. We ate our biscuits at Long Point while admiring the bridge and the gorge. Which is better, Biscuitville or Biscuit World? We are firmly on team Biscuitville.

Before leaving town, we grabbed salads and coffee from Iron Wood Eatery in the middle of downtown. It’s a cute little cafe with great outdoor seating, and if you’re in town on a Saturday, look for the farmers market around the corner.


beers at Arrowhead Bike Farm

The coolest spot to hang out in Fayetteville has got to be Arrowhead Bike Farm. It’s another favorite from visit #1, and we knew we wanted to return, but bonus: towards the end of our Boone ride, my bike decided it would only give me three gears, and at Arrowhead you can relax with a beer while someone works on your bike! They don’t usually deal with road bikes, but were able to fix me up no problem. Arrowhead serves food too; we didn’t try any real food there, but we did get brownies for later and they were delish!

We were sad to part ways with our travel buddies in Fayetteville, but looking forward to our next tiny town, Floyd!


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