Ode to Biscuitville

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If you have read any Airstreamdog destination posts, you may have a tiny inkling of how obsessed with biscuits we are. (Bugsy has her own, slightly different biscuit obsession.) We wrote about Biscuit Love in Nashville, Blue Ridge Biscuit Co near Asheville, Biscuit Head in Asheville, another branch of Biscuit Head in Greenville, SC, Denver Biscuit Co in Denver, and Biscuit World in Fayetteville, WV. We take our biscuit research seriously and have made an interesting discovery: while we relish elaborate biscuit sandwiches with fancy ingredients like arugula and onion jam and chevre, to us the best biscuit experience involves a simple breakfast egg and cheese (and bacon if you are so inclined) biscuit.

biscuitville counter

Our most-frequented place to procure said simple breakfast biscuit is Biscuitville, sprinkled all over its hometown of Burlington, NC (making it a mandatory stop when visiting my family there), and with 50+ locations across NC and southern VA. Biscuitville is a family-owned chain of–yes–fast-food restaurants, which is a turn-off for many people (me included, sorry not sorry) but each Biscuitville we’ve visited has been immaculate and every employee we’ve interacted with has been astonishingly cheerful and friendly. And the biscuits are SO good. They’re made fresh every 15 minutes all day long, and you can watch the biscuit-maker work his or her magic near the register. A surprising number of menu ingredients come from local farms, including the wheat in the biscuits, and I confirmed with Biscuitville HQ that the shortening used is vegetarian.

biscuit baking

They also sell sleeves of biscuits that freeze well for use in homemade biscuit sandwiches, and dog biscuits made from dough scraps! Bugsy approves.

My hand-picked panel of experts kindly shared their Biscuitville favorites:

bacon egg and cheese biscuit
  • J gets a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit for immediate consumption, and a grilled chicken club biscuit for later.
  • My sister gets bacon, egg, and cheese, inside out. Inside out is not on the menu and means they remove some of the fluffy innards of the biscuit, which to me seems like a crazy request.
  • B gets another off-menu item: a chicken and gravy biscuit. I took a picture of it to show you, but it’s not terribly photogenic. He’s also a fan of inside-out biscuits. It seems a benefit of growing up in the Burlington area is knowing about secret Biscuitville menu items!
  • Jr. gets the pancake platter. That’s right, he does not get a biscuit at Biscuitville. He is very young and has much to learn.
  • My mom also needs some ordering guidance: she gets a low-carb egg and bacon platter that does not include a biscuit. It seems my expert panel isn’t properly populated with biscuit connoisseurs.

I get a plain old can’t-be-beat egg and cheese biscuit, and we adults all love their (locally-roasted) coffee. I’m personally not into North Carolina’s favorite soda Cheerwine, but if you are, you can sip that with your biscuit, or sad non-biscuit meal.

What’s your favorite biscuit joint? I’m considering getting biscuits from a bunch of different biscuiteries and putting my friends through a blind taste test for my birthday, much like we did with cupcakes for D’s birthday several years ago. Or maybe I should do biscuits AND cupcakes. The winner of that cupcake competition has since closed shop, so we’re due for a cupcake rematch…

Anyway. No, Biscuitville isn’t giving us anything in exchange for writing a glowing review; we are just enthusiastic fans who get excited about our occasional biscuit indulgences! If you’re roadtripping and see a Biscuitville sign, you should give them a try and tell us what you think.

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  1. Yay Biscuitville. It is a great place and you made it sound greater. The first time I saw a Biscuitville, I thought it was a place to buy dog supplies—duh.

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