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Eight days in Austin, TX–Winter Loop to Austin

Eight days in Austin, TX–Winter Loop to Austin

We visited Austin in January 2017 as part of our Winter Loop to Austin trip. Read about our subsequent visits in 20182019, early 2021, during the snowpocalypse in late 2021, and in 2024.

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We loved Austin so much! I have too many words to type about the city and all the eating, drinking, and exploring that we did, so I’m breaking the Austin report into three separate posts to address each category of fun (i.e., eating, drinking, and exploring). And, update: we’ve been back for a second visit, detailed here, a third, and a fourth! I plan to write a Favorites post to consolidate all the info.

They key to our fantastic stay in Austin was our campground. If you take your RV to Austin, you simply must stay at Pecan Grove RV Park. You’ll need to reserve pretty far in advance if you want an extended stay, as there aren’t a plethora of short-term spots available and they go quickly. The location can’t be beat–in our experience, finding an RV park in a bustling neighborhood in the middle of a city just doesn’t really happen. And to park your RV in the middle of a city like Austin is kind of magical.

As you can probably guess if you have read some of our places to go posts, we visited several breweries (ten total, and our favorite we hit twice), I had fish tacos–and they were the BEST fish tacos I have found in my extensive research, and we ran our little hearts out on my new second favorite urban running loop (I’ll tell you my #1 when we get to that post). What a great visit to a great city!

Read about what we ate in Austin!

Read about what we drank in Austin!

Read about where we explored in Austin!

Read about our second and third and fourth and fifth visits as experienced Austin tourists!

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