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Winter trip brainstorming, Part III

This brainstorm was for a trip in early 2017. See Part I and Part II of the brainstorm, and read about what we actually ended up doing!

We finish our sun-seeking brainstorming exercise here, after discussing Coastal South Carolina and Georgia in Part I, and the beaches of Northern Florida and the Panhandle in Part II.

Spoiler alert!

Option 3 is the winner! Here’s what we ended up doing.

Option 3: Go all the way to Austin.

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If you’ve been following us from the beginning of the Big Trip, you’ll remember that we had to skip Austin, a place we were very much looking forward to visiting. Our agenda had us passing through Texas in March, right when the big South by Southwest festival takes over the city, and the chaos of the festival would have detracted from our tourist experience. We had so many places on our wishlist out West that we couldn’t kill the time required to wait out the festival, so we had a lovely stay in nearby Fredericksburg and moved on.

We still really want to go to Austin. Our next big trip will be back out West, but north of where we left off before: Northern Utah, Idaho, Montana… not sure exactly what we’ll be able to fit in, but going there via Austin wouldn’t make much sense. Well, why not just go now? It’s a 20 hour drive going the northerly route through Asheville, Nashville , Memphis, and a big swath of Arkansas and Eastern Texas. We could head home by the southerly route through Mobile and Atlanta (where we have family).

So that’s what we’re doing. We’re stopping in Asheville to restock our Wicked Weed (that’s a beer) stash, Memphis for some blues and BBQ (and I am super excited to tell you about the campground we’ve picked out), and a random place our last night on the road–maybe we’ll try our first Walmart parking lot sleepover! In Austin, we’re thrilled to have a spot at Pecan Grove RV Park, a convenient downtown base for exploration, and I’m armed with my 36 Hours list, urban running options, Hill Country hike suggestions, and ideas for some fun things we can’t do at home (bouldering gym! avocado margaritas!).

Let us know if you have recommendations for us!


10 responses to “Winter trip brainstorming, Part III”

  1. Uncle Jim Avatar
    Uncle Jim

    San Antonio, much cooler than the home of the rich and famous, Austin… After drinking all the beer in the hill country I suggest a side trip to Big Bend National Park. Lovely spot on the Rio Grande where you can fish for illegals. Head north from there to Las Cruses NM and enjoy some cool nights and hot New Mexican food..

  2. Uncle Jim Avatar
    Uncle Jim

    Further review of your myriad posts notes that you have already been to Big Bend. Well go back and forget Marfa… Spend your time and money in Terlingua.. Now THAT is Texas at its best.

    1. bugsy Avatar

      Seeing more of Big Bend and Terlingua is on our to-do list, but we won’t have time this trip! Maybe next winter… 🙂

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