bugsy running on lone rock beach with the airstream and f-150 in the background

Big Trip #3 Catch-up #1

Yes, I’m behind posting about Big Trip #3, and I’m just going to get slower because we’re into the good hiking territory now and that’s pretty much all we’re doing. And drinking beer. So in an attempt to keep you caught up if you’re following along in real time, here’s where we’ve been so far, three weeks into the trip:

Indianapolis, Charles City, New Ulm, and Fargo, which you already know about

Medora, ND, for Theodore Roosevelt National Park and the Maah Daah Hey Trail:

sunset at Teddy Roosevelt National Park
hiking Maah Daah Hey trail in Medora

Havre, MT on the way west (nothing particularly photo-worthy happened there)

West Glacier, MT for Glacier National Park and Flathead National Forest:

Bugsy at Stanton Lake, Flathead National Forest

Whitefish/Kalispell MT for more Flathead National Forest:

Bugsy hiking in Whitefish Montana

Sandpoint, ID for Kankisu National Forest:

Missoula, MT for a night to see where our dear friend Cheenius grew up:

Airstream campfire in Missoula

And we’re currently in Hamilton, MT:

Blodgett Canyon Overlook, Hamilton

…continuing the southward zigzag across MT and ID, and depending on the fire situation, we’ll shoot farther west for a bit. Our original plan included Banff, which has been on my wishlist since I was a kid, but Canada still doesn’t want us sickly, dirty Americans. Can you blame them?

Bugsy’s Instagram stays pretty current, if you want to follow us there. I’ll try to hurry up with the posts!


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