We went somewhere warm in February

Mostly, anyways. We also ended up in Texas during the end-times freezing temperatures and power and water outages. Other than that, it was a wonderful trip!

Here’s your teaser while I start to work on the trip posts. We had extremely spotty campground internet service while traveling, which is my excuse for not posting anything from the road, and then I had a bit of post-trip lack of motivation. But:

Seinfeld Im Back GIF - Seinfeld ImBack GIFs

We stuck to the general plan outlined in our last post. Here are the specific destinations, and what you have to look forward to reading about:

But the photos to come are better than the words. Here’s a sample:

sunrise hiking toward Mule Ears in Big Bend National Park
hiking in Big Bend
Bugsy and a cactus in Arizona
hiking in Tucson
icicles on the airstream in frozen Texas
driving through frozen New Mexico and Texas
bugsy and the airstream beachfront in Pensacola Beach
thawing out in Pensacola Beach

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