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Two nights in Atlanta, twice (visits #4 and #5)–Winter Warmth trip

We were in Atlanta in January and February 2021, as part of our Winter Warmth trip.

dirty dog in Piedmont Park
I didn’t take many useful photos this trip, so here’s Vader in 2006 when we lived two blocks from Piedmont Park in Atlanta

The first and second-to-last (Charlotte was last) stop on our Winter Warmth expedition was Atlanta, and this post combines both visits. Note that we visited during the pandemic, so prioritized outdoor experiences. And eating, we definitely prioritized eating.

I probably shouldn’t post about Atlanta, because our camping situation is pretty exclusive. We are lucky enough to park the Airstream in our cousin’s driveway in the super sweet village of Oakhurst, just east of Atlanta, near downtown Decatur. The location is ideal, and the campground managers are top-notch.

So while you probably can’t stay in our campground, if you happen to spend time in the area otherwise, maybe you’ll find our experiences useful!

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Our eating and drinking was mostly yeast-based: lots of bread and beer.


vegan meatball sub donut from Revolution Donuts

We got donuts twice from Revolution Donuts around the corner. Their donuts are fantastic but the everything donut deserves a special shoutout. You read that right: an everything donut. It was SO GOOD! Savory and a little sweet, surprising and delightful. We also tried the vegan meatball sub donut, which was fun, but it was no everything donut. The regular donut-flavored donuts are also delicious. Revolution does gluten-free , but our gluten-free niece prefers the treats from Hell Yeah.)


sandwiches from Victory Sandwich

We ate lunch twice at Victory Sandwich. The sandwiches are on the smaller side and the cocktails (including slushies) are refreshing. May I recommend the Beeter and the popcorn of the day.

feast from Chai Pani

More sandwiches and other feasty items from Chai Pani. Since we first tried Chai Pani in Asheville, we always order the salad with chicken (J) or paneer (me) on top, but this time (for six of us) we got salads plus a few sandwiches and a curry and the family-sized pani puri. YES.

breakfast sandwich from Perc

One last sandwich: breakfast sandwiches (and burgers) from Perc. The breakfast sandwich was scrumptious, but the breakfast burger orderers were sure theirs were the best.


beers at Lost Druid

On a lovely, warm, and sunny afternoon we stopped by The Lost Druid for a beer in the parking lot–the dog-friendly patio was full. The beer was fab, but the service was super slow. They had several really interesting seltzer flavors on tap, but my priority was sampling their delicious fruited sours, so I can’t report on seltzer taste.

Sceptre Brewing is another great spot to drink socially-distanced beers outside while your small people run wild and your dog naps. We had a mix of lager drinkers, IPA drinkers, and a lone sour drinker, and everyones’ beer needs were met.


Atlanta is a running city. When we visit, we generally run on the Stone Mountain Trail, which runs through Decatur, connecting Stone Mountain and downtown Atlanta. Heading east from Decatur, it’s a quieter trail, maybe less exciting, with fewer people; towards Atlanta you get a chain of pretty linear parks lined with fancy houses and can link up with the Eastside Beltline and run around enormous Piedmont Park–but of course, you’re sharing the path with lots more company. As we always say, go early to avoid the crowds!


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