One night in Fort Stockton, TX

We were in Fort Stockton from February 15 to February 16, 2021.

This may be the shortest review of Fort Stockton ever written.

the Airstream in the snow in Fort Stockton

We left frozen Mesilla, foolishly thinking conditions would improve as we headed east. Wrong! The roads were total crap! It was so cold out! We eventually made it to the Fort Stockton RV Park, a nice former KOA, in a spot with running water! And they refilled our propane!

Bugsy in the snow in Fort Stockton

What did we do in Fort Stockton? Absolutely nothing. We didn’t leave the campground, just hunkered down in the Airstream and only went out into the tundra to walk Bugsy. Luckily we had a UVA basketball game to distract us… lucky, that is, until it turned into a horrible loss.

Bugsy at Fort Stockton RV Park

By this point, we’d resigned ourselves to being inconvenienced by the suboptimal conditions in Austin: J’s scheduled barbeque pickup from Franklin was canceled due to the storm, and we’d probably have to get carryout rather than eating on restaurant patios due to the cold. Boo hoo. But we were excited to return to one of our favorite cities and even added a day to our stay!

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  1. You didn’t miss much in Ft. Stockton… Spent a week there one night and thought it would never end.. Was very happy to leave town in the early AM… BTW: are you saying that UVA still has a basketball team??? could have fooled me.

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