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One night in Atlanta, GA (visit #7?)–Tucson for Christmas Trip

We were in Atlanta in January 2024, as part of our Tucson for Christmas trip. Read about our previous visit a couple years ago here.

our urban campsite in Decatur
our neighborhood

With a time zone change, it was a four-hour trip from Tuscaloosa, our previous stop, to Atlanta. We love stopping in Atlanta on our way to/from home because we park the Airstream in our cousins’ driveway and hang out with them. That means a) this post won’t be heavy on camping-in-Atlanta details, and b) this post won’t have many photos, since my photos are all of family acting silly. But we did hit some of our favorite establishments in Oakhurst and Avondale Estates and downtown Decatur, so this might be useful to someone camping on the east side of the city, like out at Stone Mountain. Here’s what we did, leaving out the small children’s basketball game:

Victory Sandwich Bar, a boozy and off-the-wall sandwich shop, which has figured out the ideal size for a sandwich

Little Cottage Brewery and The Lost Druid Brewery, part of Avondale Estates’ award-winning beer scene

Oakhurst Market, our cousins’ local community market, for dinner fixins

Revolution Donuts, where every once in a while we can score our favorite donut ever, an everything donut

revolution donut's coffee cart
Revolution Donut’s coffee cart

We left Atlanta for Asheville with a very questionable tire, and arrived with it barely gasping for breath. Oh, and we lost a rock guard again. At least the Airstream drama began at the end of the trip!


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