Greenville SC – Atlanta – Savannah – Charlotte – Burlington NC

We did this little loop in November 2017.

atlanta skyline

We love Airstream trip planning! Our challenge for this latest trip: plan a loop that would include visiting family in Atlanta (overlapping with the implosion of the Georgia Dome) and visiting family in Burlington, NC (overlapping with Thanksgiving). The implosion was on the Monday of Thanksgiving week, which meant we could enjoy the weekend with our Atlanta people, leave after the implosion, and take a few days to get to Burlington. We needed a fun stopover town to break up the drive south to Atlanta, and somewhere to spend a couple days after Atlanta, not too far from Charlotte, where we’d spend the last night before arriving in Burlington on Thursday.

Here’s what we came up with:

One night in Greenville, SC, at spacious and scenic Ivy Acres RV Park

bugsy and the airstream
greenville birds fly south patio

Read about our Greenville stay here

Three nights in Atlanta in the Airstream in J’s cousin’s city driveway!

airstream in atlanta
georgia dome implosion

This was our second time taking the Airstream to Atlanta; read about all our Atlanta Airstream visits here: visit #1 | visit #3 | visit #4 & #5 | visit #6

Two nights in Savannah, GA, at charming and amenity-packed Red Gate Campground

bugsy in savannah
airstream in savannah campground

Read about our Savannah stay here

One night in Charlotte, NC, at super-convenient Elmore RV Park

airstream in charlotte

Two nights in Burlington, NC, in the Airstream in my sister’s city driveway! (J has really mastered backing the trailer!)

bugsy at thanksgiving
airstream in the driveway

Other than the plague knocking us each down for a couple days, the route was a great success, getting us to many of our favorite family members and letting us explore new towns, including breweries, of course. I’ll write more about our time in Greenville and Savannah in separate posts.

We dropped the Airstream off for some work at Airstream of NC, and we continue to be impressed with their level of service and highly recommend them!

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