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One night in Savannah, GA (visit #2)–Florida in January trip

We were in Savannah in February 2022 as part of our Florida in January trip. Read about our first visit to Savannah in 2017 here.

Forsyth Park fountain
Forsyth Park Fountain

Savannah was the last official stop on our Florida trip; after Savannah, we parked in my sister’s driveway in NC for a night, and then went home. Originally we’d planned on two nights in Jekyll Island, but to make the drive home less onerous, we opted to spend that second night an hour and a half closer to home. Plus, we like Savannah.


our campsite at Biltmore RV Park

Last time in Savannah we stayed at a beautiful farm-like campground just outside of town, but they didn’t have room for us this trip, so we ended up at Biltmore RV Park. It’s an odd little campground, but it was fine for a night, and it’s only fifteen minutes from the historic district. Our site was relatively private at the end of the park, but: the sewer connection was too high for a good gravity assist, there was no picnic table, and maybe I misinterpreted this but the gentleman responsible for showing us our site made me go get my husband so he could tell J the details rather than me, a little girl. Harrumph.

Eating, drinking, and exploring

J had to work and Bugsy was tired from exploring Jekyll Island, so I headed into the historic area alone for a couple hours. Since last visit we’d hit the touristy highlights, my goals were just to stroll and look at pretty things and scout some places for evening food and drink.

Waterfront Savannah
Waterfront promenade
City Market in Savannah
City Market

Parking at the MLK Visitor Center is cheap and much easier than trying to find street parking. From there I walked and walked and walked, hitting as many squares (the historic district is dotted with these pretty little parks) as possible and looping up by the waterfront. By far the most tourists were in the waterfront and City Market–a pedestrian mall stretching a few blocks–areas; it was much quieter farther south.

Jones Street Savannah
Jones Street

I was particularly taken with the pretty streetscape of Jones Street, and as I stood admiring it, a tour bus drove by and I heard the guide say Jones Street is the prettiest street in Savannah.

pickle juice cocktail at Artillery Bar
Pickle juice cocktail at Artillery Bar

J and I later Ubered back in and started our evening at Artillery Bar, a very cool mix of historic building and modern bar that I’d seen on my walk. It was buzzing with an after-work crowd and we enjoyed a cocktail (mine had pickle juice!) at the bar.

My next recommendation was less of a success. I had gotten a dinner reservation at Alligator Soul because of its high ratings online, but when we arrived we were totally turned off by the menu. None of the dishes spoke to us, and–does anyone else base decisions on this?–we didn’t like the font. So we left and it was 100% the right decision because our dinner ended up being fantastic.

dining room at The Grey
The dining room at The Grey

Last time we Airstreamed in Savannah, I was stricken by some sort of plague, and J ventured into town for dinner solo. He landed at The Grey and had a great experience, so back we went. It was superb. The building is an Art Deco Greyhound terminal from the 30s, the menu is heavy on seasonal ingredients, and the service was stellar.

beer flight at Two Tides Brewing
Sours flight at Two Tides Brewing

For a nightcap, we Ubered a bit farther afield to Two Tides Brewing, a recommendation from the bartender at The Grey, in a grittier neighborhood south of the historic district. Here are my notes: “super super.” The brewery is in an interesting old house, and they have lots of beers on tap. Everything we tried (all their IPAs and sours) was yummy and the scene was happy and friendly.

To do

The bartender at Artillery Bar recommended Alley Cat Lounge and Peacock Lounge for classy cocktails.

The bartender at The Grey recommended Pinkie Masters for a more divey drink with locals.

This to do is for Asheville: Two Tides had a collaboration beer brewed with Dssolvr in Asheville, which somehow we hadn’t heard of, so we need to go to Dssolvr.

Our Florida trip is basically over at this point, other than beer and biscuits with family in NC! Look for a recap post to summarize highlights and places we would skip next time–hopefully posts like that are helpful for other trip planners out there, because they definitely help us plan our trips!

Speaking of, we’ve got another big itinerary in the works… more on that later.


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