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Trip planning: looping out to Big Bend

This planning post was for a trip to Big Bend in January 2018.

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We visited Big Bend on our three-month trip two years ago and, because we were based in Ft Davis, an hour and a half from the entrance to the park, we spent just ONE DAY in the park. One measly day! We knew we’d have to go back and stay at a campground inside the national park to really be able to explore.

Soon we’ll get to! We’re working on an itinerary that will make a loop from Virginia to Big Bend, with stops in some of our favorite cities (Asheville, Nashville, Austin), a few places that have been on our wish list (Ozark Mountains/Ozark-St Francis National Forest, Terlingua TX, Alpine TX), and a couple we’ve never really thought about but are excited to check out, including Missouri’s wine country.

If you have any favorites or must-hit locations in any of the places I’ve mentioned or roughly along the route from Big Bend to St Louis, please put them in the comments!

Update: I’ve linked to our trip posts below!

Three days in Nashville

Five days in Austin

One day in Fredericksburg, TX

Two days in Alpine, TX

Three days in Big Bend National Park

One day in Terlingua, TX

One day in Abilene, TX

Two days in Medicine Park, OK

Three days in Fayetteville, AR

Two days in Branson, MO

Four days in St Louis, MO

Two days in Lexington, KY


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  1. Uncle Jim Avatar
    Uncle Jim

    Spent a week in Big Bend a number of years ago and you will find it takes at least that long to get a handle on the place.. You should also enjoy the horseback riding… Hubby and the dog can just run along beside you. You could spend a month in Terlingua as well.. That place is a hoot. Hope they’re having their Chili festival when you are there.. Quite a show. I also expect you to head west from there.. Lot more fun to be had out there.

    1. bugsy Avatar

      No time to go farther west from there this trip! I know we’re missing out on your favorite places but we’ll get out there one of these trips!

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