Nashville Favorites

bugsy at HOB Studios, Berry Hill

As of this writing (mid-2022), we’ve taken the Airstream to Nashville five times:

It’s a lot easier to read about our Nashville favorites in one place, rather than dig through multiple posts, so here we’ll pull together the highlights of all our visits, like we did for Asheville. I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while and was finally spurred to do it when the fabulous Cheenius booked a trip to Nashville to meet her childhood friend from Montana to watch the new Top Gun movie together, since they watched the first one together thirty-six years ago! How cool is that! Also, 36 years??? Ouch.

Without further ado, here are our Nashville favorites. Note that we are less country music-focused than many Nashville visitors, so interpret accordingly:


Tennessee Fairgrounds camping

Uh oh. The future of our campground in Nashville has been in question over the last few years as the Fairgrounds complex is being redeveloped. Each time we visited over the years, the RV area was smaller and smaller, and I’m worried the campground is now closed to the public. The next closest RV park to downtown is Trinity RV Park in East Nashville, and while their website implies they’re a regular vacation RV campground, it also says this across the top: “EMPLOYED MONTH-TO-MONTH ONLY.” So maybe we’ll check that one out, maybe not. More info to come…


IPA at Bearded Iris in Nashville

Bearded Iris is one of our favorite breweries anywhere! We love it for the IPAs and sours, and the cool scene, both indoors and outdoors.


Nashville skyline from L27
Good view, meh cocktail at L27

We’ve had some good cocktails in Nashville, but so far, no cocktail joint has blown us away. Please give us recommendations! (I just added one to our to do list at the bottom…)


Bonuts at Biscuit Love
Bonuts at Biscuit Love

Cheenius and I are birds of a feather: she specifically asked for biscuit recommendations. We sent her to Biscuit Love, with a warning: don’t go on the weekend, the lines are bananas! Be sure to get an order of bonuts for the table.

Non-biscuit food

Chahuan Nashville
Allll the veggies at Husk

Our favorite restaurants in Nashville, in descending order, are:

  • Husk for dinner or brunch; the food (for both pig eaters and non-pig eaters) and drinks are consistently delicious across multiple visits. They’re also in Charleston and Savannah, but we haven’t been to those locations.
  • Butcher & Bee for dinner and drinks. I see now that they do brunch too, so it’s going on the to do list!
  • Mas Tacos Por Favor for fantastic margaritas and tacos and other Mexican street food treats. So yummy but so popular; be prepared to wait! To do: try their breakfast tacos.
  • Virago for fancy sushi
  • Butchertown Hallwe wrote glowingly about it in 2018, but neither of us can actually remember it, so perhaps it shouldn’t make the list… but their website mentions craft tacos and killer margaritas, so it seems like it should be here!

The first three we’ve visited more than once, and recently; the last two are favorites from several years ago, so I feel less sure about including them here, but until we find new favorites, that’s the list!


shelby bottoms cumberland river
Bugsy admiring the Cumberland River from Shelby Bottoms Greenway

When we’re in Nashville, we love running on the Shelby Bottoms Greenway, a shady, paved path along the Cumberland River close to downtown.

If you prefer running on a treadmill, we also enjoy classes at Barry’s Bootcamp.

Country music

honky tonk at Robert's Western World
Honky tonk at Robert’s Western World

There are obviously many places to hear country music in Music City, but we particularly enjoyed seeing the Don Kelley Band at Robert’s Western World.


Bugsy and Elvis in Nashville
Bugsy in Downtown Nashville

Downtown Nashville is a happening place: load of tourists, scads of shops, restaurants, and bars, and live music coming from every other doorway. We love walking up Broadway and down Second Ave to people-watch and pop into honky-tonks–in the afternoon, that is, because we are old and cranky and get annoyed with the nighttime crowds.

Nashville's Parthenon
Bugsy at the Parthenon

For a more peaceful and scenic walk, get out of downtown and explore the Vanderbilt campus and Centennial Park, and see the Parthenon and the Tennessee State Capitol.

bushwacker at edley's
Edley’s Bushwacker

Once you’ve worked up a calorie deficit with all that walking, refuel with a Bushwacker, a Nashville staple. It’s a boozy milkshake sold all over town, and Edley’s is a popular place to try one.

To do

walking by the river in Nashville

We’ll be back in Nashville later in 2022 (assuming we have a place to camp) and will do more research! Anything we should add to our to do list?

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  1. Perfect! Love having everything in one place, and definitely appreciate the build up to our adventure. We will do all kinds of hard core research next week and get back with you!

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