Trip planning: looping out to Big Bend

rio grande

rio grande

We visited Big Bend on our three-month trip two years ago and, because we were based in Ft Davis, an hour and a half from the entrance to the park, we spent just ONE DAY in the park. One measly day! We knew we’d have to go back and stay at a campground inside the national park to really be able to explore.

Soon we’ll get to! We’re working on an itinerary that will make a loop from Virginia to Big Bend, with stops in some of our favorite cities (Asheville, Nashville, Austin), a few places that have been on our wish list (Ozark Mountains/Ozark-St Francis National Forest, Terlingua TX, Alpine TX), and a couple we’ve never really thought about but are excited to check out, including Missouri’s wine country.

If you have any favorites or must-hit locations in any of the places I’ve mentioned or roughly along the route from Big Bend to St Louis, please put them in the comments!

Update: I’m starting to post about where we’ve been on this trip. Here’s what I have so far:

Three days in Nashville

Five days in Austin

2 thoughts on “Trip planning: looping out to Big Bend

  1. Spent a week in Big Bend a number of years ago and you will find it takes at least that long to get a handle on the place.. You should also enjoy the horseback riding… Hubby and the dog can just run along beside you. You could spend a month in Terlingua as well.. That place is a hoot. Hope they’re having their Chili festival when you are there.. Quite a show. I also expect you to head west from there.. Lot more fun to be had out there.

    1. No time to go farther west from there this trip! I know we’re missing out on your favorite places but we’ll get out there one of these trips!

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