One night in Williamsport, MD

This will be an easy post to write.

Something happened to me overnight in Mystic, and I was completely useless the next morning when we had to leave for Williamsport. I uncurled from my fetal position a few times: to help hitch up the Airstream, to drive briefly while J ate (poor J did a lot of driving that long-haul day), and to help unhitch and set up at the new campground. I didn’t explore the campground, I didn’t go to breweries, I didn’t see the town. But J had an activity! So we do have a little bit to report.


Again, in the interest of getting home as quickly as possible, we picked a stopover that seemed reasonably entertaining, not too far from the interstate. We landed at the enormous Jellystone Park campground in Williamsport and holy cow, it’s a scene. They were still prepping for their season kickoff Memorial Day weekend so not everything was open–which was lucky for us, because apparently if we’d been a day later, we wouldn’t have been able to get a walk-in reservation. During the summer, the kiddie paradise has a waterpark, mini golf, laser tag, a ninja course, a jump pad, and other games and events.


Poor lonely J took his Kindle as his date to nearby Cushwa Brewing Co to unwind after his day of slogging through congestion around NYC and dodging semis on 81. He loved the beer! So there was a happy ending to the day. And when he got home, I was no longer comatose. Hooray!

Williamsport seems lovely–particularly its section of the C&O canal, and I’m sorry I missed it!

And this post wraps up our trip to Maine. We had a wonderful time, saw some family and friends, were absolutely blown away by Acadia, and didn’t get the Airstream stuck under any low New England bridges. It was a successful trip!

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  1. That’s called a hangover, something I’m imminently familiar with. Or perhaps pregnancy something I’m not really familiar with. I’m sure hubby had no problem handling your part of the brewery quota.

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