Catch-up: we took the Airstream to Maine

Bugsy hiking in Acadia National Park

It took me 7 months to finish writing about Big Trip #2; hopefully I’ll be quicker to write about our next, much shorter trip. In May, we took the Airstream up to Acadia National Park in Maine! I wrote about our general plans early in the researching process here, but below is where our itinerary ended up. Now excuse me while I get started on the trip posts.

  1. One night in Hershey, PA
  2. Two nights parked in front of J’s mom’s house in Beverly, MA
  3. Four nights in Bar Harbor, ME
  4. Two nights in Camden, ME
  5. One night in Portland, ME
  6. One night in Mystic, CT
  7. One night in Williamsport, MD
Bugsy hiking in Acadia National Park

Acadia was even more gorgeous than we expected, and a HUGE highlight for us was that Bugsy could hike on most of the trails there with us! That’s sadly very unusual for a National Park. We spent several days in Bar Harbor hiking as many trails and eating as many lobster rolls as possible, and had a blast.

Our other stops paled in (granted, a very unfair) comparison, but they were all enjoyable stops and I look forward to recapping the trip! Thanks for reading!

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