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A Weekend at the Misty Mountain Music Festival

A Weekend at the Misty Mountain Music Festival

We took the Airstream to Misty Mountain after visiting Asheville and Fayetteville in September 2019.

misty mountain music festival starting

The final destination of our week-long Airstream jaunt was the Misty Mountain Music Festival, at our old home campground, Misty Mountain Camp Resort in Greenwood, VA. I didn’t take any notes, or take many photos that don’t include people who probably don’t want to be on my blog (or their children)–I was busy having a great time. So, this won’t be a long post. The gist of it is: if you want to go to a fun (for the adults and the kids), low-key music festival (much easier logistically than a big one like Lockn’), consider this one. Next year is the festival’s 10th year, and to celebrate they’re planning to host some legit bands!


airstream dog in her airstream on a rainy day

The festival goes all weekend at Misty Mountain Camp Resort, a wonderful place to camp anytime, but particularly exciting when there’s live music, food and drink trucks, and kids running wild. The campground is split into two sections: the bottom half is at the base of the hill near the office and camp store, and the top half is up the hill in the woods. The festival happens in the lower area, so request your campsite location accordingly. We were front row to the action and loved being able to sit in our yard and spectate, but for Bugsy’s sanity we’ll move a little farther back next year.

relaxing at our campsite at the misty mountain music festival

Yes, Bugsy went with us! She had a blast hanging out with some of her best friends, but all the people coming and going from her yard was a little discombobulating. Overall, she did really well and seemed to enjoy herself. Dogs are welcome in the campground, but not inside the festival field.

Our friends, a family of 4, tent camped in our yard. The rule is: if a tent fits in your spot next to your RV, sure, you can put a tent in your spot. You have to pay for the additional adults, though.

Food and Drink

fish tacos in the airstream at the misty mountain music festival

After we arrived and unhitched the Airstream, we drove three minutes down the road to Harris Teeter to restock for the weekend. For less-intensive shopping, charming little Greenwood Gourmet is practically next door, and the camp store at Misty Mountain is well stocked with essentials.

During the festival, food trucks sold tacos, burgers, funnel cake, beer, cider, fried oreos/snickers/cookie dough/twinkies/pb&js… You won’t go hungry or thirsty.

We had a blast and plan to take the Airstream back to Misty Mountain Music Festival in 2020!


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