Big Trip #2 catch-up

Welcome to Virginia

Okay, so we’ve been back home in VA for a month now and I’m still writing about Utah and Arizona. It’s fun to relive our adventures in the Western sun, sitting here in gloomy Virginia where it’s threatening to sleet later today. Maybe we should have stayed out West longer?

Bugsy at Organ Pipe

This list won’t be a spoiler if you follow Bugsy on Instagram: here are the posts I have in the pipeline to wrap up Big Trip #2:

More teasers to keep you interested: we LOVED Joshua Tree and Organ Pipe, both absurdly beautiful new-to-us destinations. Tucson surprised us as a delicious foodie hotspot. And finally, a dog can step on a tarantula and both critters can survive seemingly unharmed. At least, Bugsy didn’t react; the tarantula was a little wobbly as it left the scene.

Stay tuned for more!

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