One night in Juno Beach, FL

We were in Juno Beach from 1/2 to 1/3/2022 as part of our Florida in January trip.

beware of alligators in Jupiter
welcome to Florida!

After leaving Atlanta, we were in a rush to get to Key West, over twelve hours away. We decided to suck it up and have one loooong day of driving and one more sane driving day… so this was our long day, and it started in the rain. Nine hours later, we arrived at our fancy campground.


campsite in Juno Ocean Walk RV Resort
our huge site at Juno Ocean Walk RV Resort

We stayed at Juno Ocean Walk RV Resort, and wished we’d had more than one night there! It’s a spacious, peaceful campground, and our campsite was large and private. If we stay there again we may request a campsite on the south side, backing up to the Juno Dunes Natural Area.

our campsite at Juno Ocean Walk RV Resort
Dinnertime at our campsite

Bonus: for dinner, we ate leftovers of homemade Indian food!


Bugsy on the pier at Juno Beach
Bugsy experiencing the Juno Beach Pier

After parking the Airstream, we headed to the beach (walking distance from the campground). I wanted to go out on the Juno Beach Pier, but it’s not dog-friendly, so we skipped it. It looked neat though, and if Bugsy weren’t with us we would have paid the $1 to walk out there.

bugsy at Civil Society brewing in Jupiter
Bugsy at Civil Society Brewing

Our main activity for the evening was checking out Civil Society Brewing in Jupiter, ten minutes from the campground. We’d had their beers at one of our favorite bars in Virginia, and were excitedly surprised to be camping so close to the brewery! It’s located in a sterile shopping center, but the brewery itself is a cool spot, and the beer is yummmmy.

Bugsy at Civil Society Brewing in Jupiter
Bugsy bought some stuff at Civil Society

My sour was a collaboration with Bearded Iris, our favorite Nashville brewery! We bought a bunch of cans to take on the trip with us, and quickly realized we should have bought a lot more as we haven’t seen Civil Society elsewhere around Florida.

Bugsy playing on Juno Beach
fun on Jupiter dog beach

The next morning, we took Bugsy to the Jupiter dog beach. Go early to avoid the crowds, if you have an anti-social dog!

Bugsy in the ocean at Juno Beach
Bugsy under the Juno Beach Pier

Bugsy loved it, we loved it, and our first stop in Florida was a success!

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