One night in Denver, CO (visit #3)

airstream boondocking in denver
this picture is from 2016

Snow was coming! We went to Denver a day early so we could turn east for home ahead of the storm. This is our third time urban boondocking near our friends’ house in Denver (read about our 2016 visit here and 2018 here), and due to time pressure and Covid we didn’t get out to explore much. Here’s the Denver stuff we did, which we’ve done before and I’ve already posted about. Boring for you! But delicious for us.

I don’t have any photos to share from this stop–since we were visiting friends, all the pictures I took have people in them, and you know how I am about people pictures on the blog. Sorry for the worst post ever. Here’s what we did, both favorite places that we recommend:

A special shout-out goes to Brian at E-Werkz for coming to our rescue with his welding skills. A bolt broke off one of the trailer’s weight distribution brackets when we hitched up in Breckenridge, and we nervously climbed the mountain into Denver, fingers crossed that the other bolt would hold. It did! We stopped at the first body shop we spotted on the map, and they couldn’t help us, but sent us around the corner to Brian who totally hooked us up. Thank you Brian and E-Werkz!

Wait, I have one non-people photo of Bugsy and her friend Trey:

Bugsy and her friend in Denver

Leaving Denver, we felt like our trip was basically over, but we still had five more stops to make…

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