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Co-Most Valuable Winter Airstream Gadget: our new dehumidifier

dehumidifier by bed

In December, I put together a list of our favorite gadgets and gizmos that make our RV life happier. One of those gadgets was our cute little dehumidifier that would sit on the kitchen counter or bedside table and merrily chug away, pulling moisture from the air. Occasionally we’d see some water on the wall or windows, but it was no big deal. When we moved into the Airstream full-time, and were spending the majority of our day exhaling inside it, or during an especially rainy period, like in Hot Springs, that sweet little dehumidifier just couldn’t keep up. Things got worse as fall became winter, with fewer hours of drying sunlight, and when we started using the furnace, as water is a byproduct of burning propane. After much consideration (because they’re bigger and more expensive), we decided to invest in a heavier-duty unit, and chose the EcoSeb Desiccant Dehumidifier.

There are two types of dehumidifiers: desiccant and compressor. There are pros and cons to each; we chose desiccant because it’s generally more powerful for the size, more efficient across a range of temperatures, ecofriendlier, and quieter. The EcoSeb works like a charm, and we are happy with our choice, but there are a few things you should be aware of if you’re considering upgrading your dehumidifier:

  • The desiccant dehumidifiers give off more heat. In the winter, that’s not a big deal, but it may be problematic in warmer months.
  • The desiccant dehumidifiers can potentially emit a not-so-great smell. The water they soak out of the air may contain odors, which are then stored in the desiccant material and released the next time the dehumidifier is turned on. The odor seems to go away pretty quickly, and isn’t a big deal for us, but be warned.
  • The more powerful dehumidifiers are bigger and take up more space on the floor or counter. During the day, our EcoSeb sits on my bedside table, which is fine because generally I only have my Kindle out on that surface so there’s plenty of room. (It’s a different story on J’s side of the bed.) At night, when we turn the heat way back in the house, we move the EcoSeb out into the kitchen.
  • The larger units are harder to store when traveling. The EcoSeb is just an inch or so too tall to stand upright under the bed, but stashes easily on its back under the bed, or in the closet, with our winter coats holding it upright.

All that said, we have no regrets about upgrading our dehumidifier and can recommend the EcoSeb. Yesterday we even used it as a clothes dryer (it has a super-power clothes drying mode), after we spent an hour working out in the rain. It’s tucked behind the clothes hanging on the dog gate here:

dehumidifier drying clothes in the airstream

It has been raining for days here in Virginia, and we’re happy to have our fancy dehumidifier! Let us know if you have one you especially like or dislike.

dog running in the rain

Any guesses as to what gadget wins the other Co-Most Valuable award?

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