Where we started…

J and I love to travel. We’ve been all over the world on one- or two-week vacations, but our dream for many years has been to take a camper across the US for a few months and see more of our own country. The US is so big that unless you have a lot of time to explore, all you can really do is hop to individual destinations (usually cities) one vacation at a time. We want to have the flexibility to really explore, especially among the natural wonders out West. Getting time off work to do a long driving trip is tricky… but recently the stars have aligned and late this winter we’ll be setting off on our cross country adventure with our trusty sidekick, Bugsy.

Initially the plan was to get a popup or ultralight camper that we could tow behind our Volvo XC, which can tow up to 3000 lbs. We liked rpods and Aliners for their light weight, fun styling, and quality construction. And how cool are these Cricket Trailers? The more we imagined spending day after day after day (with a hotel break sprinkled in here and there) crawling over each other in a teeny tiny camper, however, the more we wondered if we should shoot a little bigger.

So we got a new tow vehicle…


in order to pull a heavier trailer–around 12,000 lbs. And then we started dreaming about Airstreams.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, right? Might as well do it up.

We’re going to pull the trigger on the trailer soon.

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