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Waco, TX Breweries

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bare arms brewing

What’s not to love about Bare Arms brewery? An ultimate underdog as the only brewery in Waco, it sits next to a shady convenience store with bars on the windows. Because it is owned and operated by two mechanical engineers with day jobs, it’s only open from 4:00pm to 6:00pm on weekdays, which we figured must have been a typo. Needless to say, we loved it from the start.

The brewery only opened in June of last year and is still coming into its own. The interior (a former paint store) looks as much like a bingo hall as a brewery, with a number of old game tables on the floor and a single L-shaped bar. Aside from a chalkboards covering a good portion of the walls, there is little in the way of decoration. There were 5-6 other customers on the Thursday when we visited and it seemed like they could have been friends of the owner, almost giving it the feel of drinking in someone’s kitchen.

The breweries flagships are an American Lager (very light), an IPA, a tart Berliner and a Chocolate Coffee Stout. They were out of the Berliner when we were there, but were serving a Pumpkin Cream Barley Wine that was high octane and good for a taste. We were told that they had just started distribution of the American Lager to a few restaurants in Waco this week.

bare arms brewing