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Denver, CO Breweries

Read about our first visit to Denver here, and our second visit (including more beer details that haven’t made it to this page yet) here!


cerebral brewing denver

cerebral brewing denver

Cerebral Brewing was founded in 2013 by Sean Buchan, Chris Washenberger, and Dan McGuire. Like most great ideas, Cerebral Brewing was conceived in a dimly lit bar over several good beers. Despite varied backgrounds, Sean, Chris, and Dan have united over a shared interest in good beer.”

The above is from their web site. We went to Cerebral two weeks ago with some friends and the beer I had there wasn’t the first I had that evening. I neglected to take notes, but our Denver friends and Lauren and I agreed that their beer was fantastic. And, as the pictures conveys, the atmosphere kept up.

Cerebral does not do any distribution outside their brewery.


crooked stave artisans

Crooked Stave Artisans is a brewery focused on Belgian sour beers that was launched in Fort Collins in 2011 and subsequently moved to Denver. They’re located in a large artisan food market (The Source) that was once an 1880’s foundry building. They claim to have developed a cult-like following and based on the recommendations we got to go there as well as the packed house when we were there, we’d say that’s accurate.

We’re not lovers of sour beers, but they always have a rotating tap of non-sour beers. When we were there, there non-sour was an unfiltered American IPA, which is lately my favorite type of beer. Theirs didn’t disappoint. I started with a pint and brought home a full growler.


station 26 denver

station 26 denver

As the name might imply, Station 26 is located in a former firehouse. It’s a straight brewery with an industrial feel, rows of tables and no food served, although a food truck serves pretty good pizza just outside the brewery.

The beers there were spectacular. I had a pint of both their IPA and their Pale Ale. Both were strong flavored with the crisp citrusy hop flavor that I love. Despite not typically liking the style, I even enjoyed the sip I had of my friend’s berry dark tart.

Station 26 cans a few beers and distributes from Colorado Springs north along the I-25 corridor.